2019 Calshot Day 2!


Day Two dawns ...

7:00 am

Good morning from Calshot 2019! It is a chilly start to Tuesday but not quite as frosty as we were expecting. The forecast for today is pretty good although we might catch a shower later in the day. We all had a good night’s sleep (well almost all of us!) and a few children are starting to wake, although quite a few rooms are still fast asleep & very quiet.

This morning we have four more groups starting skiing, which is the first of 3 sessions during the week. Other activities for some groups include cycle skills in the velodrome and 'Rings Run', which is a lot of fun! As we mentioned  yesterday, throughout the course of the week, everyone gets to try out each of the activities so by the end we can all feel proud that we've tried everything! 

We'll take some photos as the day goes on and, at some point, we'll update the website again. We are having a few issues connecting to the internet some photos yesterday didn’t upload and others had  multiple copies! 

Everyone is just waking up and getting sorted - ready for breakfast at about 8:00 (Mr Deery's favourite meal!) It is also Mr Keeble’s birthday today so will be helping him to celebrate!

More updates (& a few photos)  later!


Tuesday afternoon update!

We have made a short video of our first couple of days at Calshot 2019. Click on the link to watch:

Calshot 2019 - The Movie!