2019 Calshot Day 3!


Day three already! 

7:00 AM

Time seems to be flying by and already it is Wednesday! The pupils are still asleep and everyone settled down really quickly last night. A good night’s sleep really does make a difference during the day as we are really busy all of the time.

Yesterday was a really good day and so many children achieved things that they thought they couldn't do. This week is about challenging ourselves - not just the activities but for some being away from home, sharing bedrooms or trying new food.

We had so many compliments from Calshot staff about teamwork and behaviour - it was great to hear. Before we go to bed every day we reflect on the day and talk about the activities, achievements and some of the funny moments. It is a really nice time when we all come together before heading off for showers and bed. So far the favourite activities are skiing (which we do 3 times) and climbing (which we do twice) but also some groups have been  busy orienteering in the forest and really enjoyed it.  The food is also proving popular but, so far, breakfast is the most popular!

Once again we will try and update some photographs later on of some of the activities . There are lots of different activities today including some groups skiing, abseiling, archery and orienteering.

Although it is still dark outside the weather forecast is pretty good for today (& the rest of the week.) It drizzled for a few hours yesterday afternoon but wasn’t too bad and didn’t stop us doing anything. 

We hoped you liked yesterday afternoon’s video montage. It is on the day 2 update’ if you haven’t seen it.


Wednesday Afternoon UPDATE

The sun is out here at Calshot although still rather chilly. All the groups are out and about including some orienteering in the forest.

We have managed to put together another video montage called Ringo Madness! Hopefully every child is in there somewhere!  Click the link to watch: 

Ringo Madness Video Montage