Calshot Day Five - The Final Countdown!


One final video montage - we hope you enjoy it!

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Calshot Day 5


The final day arrives! 

 So Friday is here - our last day at Calshot 2017.

it has been an amazing week, although we are not finished yet! We have a full morning of activities to complete the week.There is so much to tell you about but I hope our updates have given you a flavour of what we have been doing.

The pupils have been amazing and given everything a real go - even when it was tough. It really has been positive growth mindset in action. As we mentioned yesterday there has been a lovely  community feeling with everyone supporting each other. Of course for some, being away from home has been the challenge, and they have coped very well indeed. Just sharing a bedroom with others for a week can be something new or organising clothes, etc!

The pupils have not seen the pictures or video montages so please show them over the weekend. It has been a very intense and busy week and everyone is shattered so please be warned when they arrive home. (They can be a little grumpy 😏) We have been on the go from early morning until late in the evening every day so it is an exhausting week. I am sure they will tell you what they have been doing and what they enjoyed but, more importantly, what they achieved.

As we said yesterday we aim to home at about 2:45 so that they coaches can get in. Please don't park in the bus bays and do anything you can to allow the coaches to get along Upper Drove (they come from the bottom end.) Please wait in the main hall and we will bring the pupils to you and then you can collect the bags from the path and take them home! (We will try and update you if we hit any traffic problems, etc but fingers crossed all will be well.)

Finally I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff who have been on the trip. I have said it before but I am a very lucky headteacher to work with such an amazing and dedicated team. They enjoy the week but are 'on duty' for the whole week with no breaks and so are rather tired when they get back! 

We look forward to seeing you all later. Many thanks for all of your support and messages - they have given us a real boost and are hugely appreciated.

Tim Deery


PS We will try and upload some photographs later this morning