Calshot Day Four - Thursday


Day 4 

Thursday morning. About 6:45 am :-)

And so day 4 dawns here at Calshot 2018. And what a difference a day makes! The wind & rain have gone & it looks like it will be a lovely day down here. (We deserve it after the weather yesterday!)

We had a really good day yesterday despite the weather and last night we shared some of the great achievements of the day. Actually it got quite emotional as this year the pupils have been so supportive of each other and shown what truly amazing young people they are! The teamwork and friendship shown by the pupils has been very impressive - and we are VERY proud of them all. For some pupil the challenge might be climbing a wall or abseiling but for others it is missing family & home. As the week progresses everyone gets quite tired. We really are in the go from early morning until bedtime and that is a physical, as well as a mental, challenge. It is also been great for pupils to have no TV, internet, video games or mobile phones throughout the week - another challenge for some! 

We have been very proud of our ‘fussy eaters’ this week - all have them have tried new things and all have eaten well. Another Calshot challenge!

We hope you have enjoyed looking at the photographs. We do try and get a range but it is a challenging job - especially as the wifi isn't great and only located in a small area. With 87 pupils to look after it is never easy to make sure we have photos of them all.  Day 1 report & pictures are still in Calshot folder (accessed via the Year Group tab) but are not in the featured items on the front page.

We will try and put a few photos on again later if we can. We finish off today with the big Portway quiz evening, which should be lots of fun! Tomorrow we have a full morning of activities and we plan to be back at school at around 2:45. If parents could wait in the main hall then we will bring the pupils to you. The bags will be unloaded off of the coach onto the path and then they can be collected from there.

Many thanks for allowing us to take your sons and daughters away with us this week. They have done you proud!

Late morning update:

Below is another video link that will show you just a little bit of what we have been up to this week. 

Calshot Day 4