Calshot Day One!


Day 1 at Calshot

We arrived - feels like a while ago now!! Our coach journey was uneventful and the sun has been shining here down on Calshot Spit.

We have very quickly got ourselves organised and sorted into our bedrooms, it's always nice to find out who were are sharing with! This year some of us are in Lawrence House whilst others are a little further away down in Houston. We've had some lunch, divided into our day groups and are now beginning the Calshot adventure! 

To begin with today we have: completed the initiative course, had our first ski lesson, taken part in the low ropes course, climbed the walls here (that's the pupils and not the staff!) and had our first archery lesson. During the evening some of us will be doing 'egg drop', others will be doing 'rushing rockets' and the other groups will be taking part in a competition evening. (We are arranged into 9 groups and we rotate around the different activities - by the end of the week we will have all done everything!)

We have even had a birthday - our first one for our first day at Calshot! We all wish Izzie a VERY happy eleventh birthday!  

There are some photographs below but please be aware that the wifi strength here at Calshot is not as strong as at school. Therefore it takes quite a while for our photos to upload. If you are able to keep checking back you are likely to see more photos as they will keep uploading. (We're taking quite a few!) 

We've had a lovely lunch and dinner and everyone has done absolutely brilliantly! There are already lots of reasons to be proud of lots of Portway children and staff. It is very foggy down here but, fortunately that doesn't stop us from doing very much! We are hoping that the very loud (and very near!) foghorns, which keep blasting out their warnings to the passing ships, don't keep us all awake tonight! We'll let you know tomorrow! A hazard of being so near to the coast we suppose! 

Our aim is to have photos of everyone as soon as we can but, with our packed timetable and with us being such a big group, that'll take us a moment to organise. Please bear with us with that. We'll also update our Twitter and Facebook accounts when we get a moment but please be assured everyone is well and enjoying the adventure! 

We'll check back in soon! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the pics.