Calshot Day Three


Day three already! 

6:58 AM

Time seems to be flying by and already it is Wednesday!

Yesterday was a really good day and so many children achieved things that they thought they couldn't do. Before we go to bed every day we reflect on the day and talk about the activities, achievements and some of the funny moments. It is a really nice time when we all come together before heading off for showers and bed. So far the favourite activities are skiing (which we do 3 times) and climbing (which we do twice.). The food is also providing popular but, so far, breakfast is the most popular.

Once again we will try and update some photographs throughout the day of what is going on. As well as the normal activities we have some groups doing abseiling and a few groups going into the New Forest as part of Darkwater Discovery. It is rather foggy again this morning - yesterday it came and went all day - so that has affected the trawler activity unfortunately. Today looks like being pretty similar!

More later!



As we keep saying, it's very full on here and we are very busy nearly all the time. We have a feeling that bedtime shouldn't be too difficult tonight either! Everyone is doing such a good job of encouraging and supporting each other to try all these new experiences. We have heard that you are enjoying our website updates and the photos we are managing to share on social media and we are pleased that you are appreciating all our efforts! 

We have been working on a small surprise for you; you can see what this is by clicking on the link below. We hope you enjoy it. We'll endeavour to catch you up with the rest of our day soon. 

Keep smiling! 

Calshot Day 3