Calshot Day Two


Day Two dawns ...

7:10 am

Good morning! Today dawns on the Spit and, despite the fogginess, it promises to be another dry but chilly  day. Everyone had a good night's sleep and, after a delicious breakfast, we're all ready to face today's challenges! 

This morning we have two groups going trawling out on the Solent, (depending on the fog,) two groups on the Darkwater Discovery adventure, more skiing lessons, climbing, the initiative  course and the crate stack. As we said yesterday, throughout the course of the week, everyone gets to try out each of the activities so by the end we can all feel proud that we've tried everything! 

We'll take some photos as the day goes on and, at some point, we'll update the website again. 

Everyone is just waking up and getting sorted - ready for breakfast at about 8:00 (Mr Deery's favourite meal!)

More updates (& a few photos)  later!



4:30 PM

We hope you have been enjoying the photos as they have updated throughout the day. We try to get a range of children and activities but it is not always easy!

Today has been very busy with lots of activities taking place. We are currently on our final 'day activity' before tea at around 6:00. We then have evening activities from 7:00 until 8:30 (we'll try and get some pictures of these today if we can.)

I know we keep repeating ourselves but we are very proud of our pupils - they have been amazing and tackling lots of new challenges.