Golden tickets, visiting authors & a love of reading


At Portway we think that reading is the most important skill our children can gain. Every week all of our pupils participate in our ‘Golden Ticket’ scheme encouraging children to read at home.

Research is very clear that children who read at home regularly with parents do much better academically. So every time every child who ha read at home at least 4 times by Friday every week, and has had their diary signed by their parent/guardian, is given a Golden Ticket (which looks a little like a yellow raffle ticket)!  The name of the pupil is written on the ticket and placed in the year group ‘Golden Box’, which is brought to assembly. During the assembly three Golden Tickets are drawn from each year group’s box and these children can choose a book from ‘The Golden Book Case’ to take home and keep forever! 

Who will get the Golden Ticket this week?!

Reading in school is just as important and is a key to helping us develop in our learning. There are lots of opportunities for us to practise our skills of reading in school.

Some of our children in Years 3 and 4 are also partnered with children from Years 5 and 6 as 'Reading Buddies', each pair meets every day and reads together. They spend time in one of our libraries choosing new books to read together and very often books are brought in from home to be shared. Our Reading Buddies enjoy the time they spend together sharing books. 

We have two well stocked libraries which we enjoy choosing books from and each year visiting authors share their love of books and reading with us. We also enjoy trips to the town library to explore a larger range of books and authors. Every summer we also participate in the summer reading challenge at Andover Library and for 2015 had the most pupils in the Andover area reading in it!