Fantastic Romans in Year 4!


Year 4 - Fantastic Romans!

Year 4 had a fun-filled day as part of their work on the Romans. Everyone was dressed in fabulous costumes and we did a fashion show to show parents what we were wearing. We had lots of activities during the day in our house groups.

One of the activities was Roman numerals, which was fascinating and we learnt a lot. With Miss Millar we learnt some Latin, which is the language of ancient Rome. It was quite hard to learn but we did quite well!

We also did some food tasting and we had dates, olives, pitta bread and honey. The food was tasty – well mostly the bread and honey! Later we created puppets of a gladiator and a lion and we made them out of card and sticks.

We had a great Roman day! Many thanks to our teachers for arranging the day for us.

By Ella Reid, Scarlett Bowden-Tarrant and James Noble (Year 4)