The Jungle comes to Year 4!


Our topic this term is called ‘Crazy Climates’ and we will be learning about different climates around the world, including the tropical rainforests and the polar ice regions. To make this exciting, our teachers invited Jonathan to bring in lots of different types of creatures and insects into school for our education. It was a bit scary!

Jonathan brought in: Elvis the tarantula, Splodge Junior the gecko, Bourbon the Madagascan Ground Boa (a big snake!), Marble, Jade, Brunette and Twiglet – a family of stick insects, Emperor Palpatine the scorpion (he glowed in the dark!) and Jonathan’s brand new millipede who doesn’t yet have a name. Each of us got to hold the snake and those of us who wanted to, also held some of the stick insects. When we held them, we noticed that some of them felt scratchy and some just tickled our skin! Our teachers were really brave too – Miss Freemantle even held the tarantula!

We learnt that all scorpions glow under UV light, one of Jonathan’s stick insects flicked her poo (yuk!) and the snake can dislocate his jaw to fit in bigger prey! Thank you so much to our teachers for organising this for us – it was BRILLIANT!

Below there are some photos of us and these amazing creatures on our website and Jonathan’s website is here  if you want to have a further look! 

Sebastian Slater and Shannon Leslie, 4CF