The Jungle comes to Year 4!


What an exciting day! First we saw a tarantula called Spinderella and a mini 3-week old spider which didn’t have a name as it’s too small for Jonathan to know its gender yet. The spiders were very hairy & can climb up very thin wires. The next animal was a gecko called Yoda. He is camouflage coloured so he can blend into trees & bark, etc. His skin felt like fabric, it was so soft to touch! Then we met a preying mantis called Margaret. We all got to have a good look at her and found that she loved looking into glasses as she can see her reflection in them!Finally, in the morning session, we met Tango who was a snake. He was bright red with lovely black stripes & he loved dark, warm places & tried to sneak into our cardigan pockets! He tried to bury himself in dark hair too! We got to hold him & have a lick on the hands or nose.

In the afternoon we met a sand snake who could bury himself under sand to hide and whose body was really smooth until you got to his tail. We also met Mr Whippy, a tail whip scorpion, he only weighed 2.4g so we could hardly feel him when we held him. Everybody enjoyed the day, even those who were scared at first. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting some great reptiles!               

Below there are some photos of us and these amazing creatures on our website and Jonathan’s website is here  if you want to have a further look! 

Olivia & Ryan. 4RM