2018 Y4 at Hooke Court Day Three!



What a morning! We have built aqueducts, with surprising accuracy and demonstrating fabulous teamwork. We have also built onegars - a type of Roman catapult - and tested  them out by firing ammunition at Miss Windross  and Miss Nield. They were also surprisingly accurate and a large number of ping pong balls found their targets! We think we might have made pretty good Roman soldiers really! 

Anyway, we will soon be back at school. We're just enjoying lunch and a chat with friends before we begin to load up the coaches. Arrangements for meeting us, when we are back, are in the morning update below. 

See you all soon! 

First thing:

Morning all! We can't believe our trip has gone so quickly and we are already on our last day! It has been a lot of fun and we have enjoyed many activities. Last night was especially quiet - think we were all tired! 

Today we are building aqueducts and onegars - which are a type of Roman catapult. Everyone has been brilliant - we've all learnt a lot about each other and how to face challenges. We have learnt the following: 

It is important to ALWAYS have a waterproof coat! 

We can survive without our parents 

We can adapt to different surroundings .

All in all, it's been a pretty successful few days! 

The staff have been great too - Mrs Millar, Miss Abbott, Mrs Ibbotson, Mrs Staff, Mrs Fettes, Miss Stott and Miss Nield have been full of energy, positive and enthusiastic throughout the whole trip - regardless of challenges! They continue to be some of the best staff we have at Portway and people I thoroughly enjoy being on residential visits with!

We hope to be back around 3:30pm today and we'll meet you in the main hall - because the Portway Plus club will be in the dining hall. Please remember that we will bring your children from the coaches and then unload the bags, so that you can collect your child from the hall and then go to collect bags. Before you take your child, please let the teacher know that you have them so they don't just disappear. They will be tired and probably a little emotional at seeing you again but they've had a brilliant time.

We will do our best to make sure that your children return home with everything they brought but please be aware that they may well have items belonging to others in their suitcases and these will need to be swapped back. (It does appear that only Miss Windross has managed to lose clothing!)

We'll try to update you a bit later and we'll definitely let you know when we leave here! 

See you later!