Y4's Evening with Shakespeare!


An Evening with Shakespeare! This has been the  topic for Year 4 pupils this term. They haves been learning about the famous playwright, have explored some of his plays and have been learning more widely about the history of theatre. Their learning has included puppetry workshops from students at Winchester University and a backstage guided tour around Andover’s theatre - The Lights - where pupils learnt about the importance of lighting, staging and make up! The topic is all engaging and pupils have enjoyed reading some of the plays, most notably Macbeth, and acting scenes from the Shakespearian tragedy.

Pupils’ learning has culminated in a performance evening at the school where all 96 Year 4 pupils have staged an all-singing and all-dancing showcase of their term’s work. Parents and family members were all invited to see the year group perform scenes from Macbeth and share other learning they have done about the history of the theatre. If you were lucky enough to attend, we are sure you will agree it was a great evening! 

We hope you enjoy browsing the photos below.