Y6 in school 2018



Today our Year 6s have used their design and woodwork skills to make a wooden photo frame to frame their favourite picture of their week here in school. They spent the afternoon our in our forest area learning how to survive in the forest, build a den and create a fire. They also toasted marshmallows and had a great time! Throughout the week this group of Year 6 pupils have been brilliant in the challenges they have faced and we are very proud of them! (photos below - as usual!) 


On 25th January we went on a bike ride with Mrs Hall-Cooper and Mrs Seymour. We went to Anton and Charlton lakes and the BMX track. Callum S was petrified to go down the hill! Joseph said that when he went down it, he felt like Superman! 

In the afternoon we all had a very excitable experience at Harrow Way. We were able to have a go at some rock climbing! Some of us were very afraid as we had never experienced it before. The rock climbing wall was a challenge however lots of us were able to reach the top! We all had a relaxed and very pleasing afternoon at Harrow Way.

(By Joseph, Callum S, Callum W, Lola, Hayley & Bethany)


Today the rest of Year 6 went to Milestones museum with Mr Ireland and Mrs Hall-Cooper. We went round the museum together and looked at all the living culture from times like 1987 and so on. After we'd done this, we went to the old arcades and then had some lunch. We came back to school at the end of the day in our minibus and we'd had a great time. It was an excellent day thanks to Mrs Hall-Cooper and Mr Ireland. There are some photos in the album below. We particularly like the one of us in the Victorian schoolroom! (By Callum W and Charlie) 


On the 23rd January the children who stayed at school - while the rest went to Calshot - had a very occupied day. In the morning we had an attempt at potato printing and used paints, potatoes, pencils, knives and paint brushes. In the afternoon we helped to teach Year 4 pupils PE. Isobel and Bethany ran a speed bounce challenge, Lola and Hayley helped the children on the long jump, Callum S and Joseph ran the overhead throw and Charlie and Callum W ran the chest throw activity. Everyone had a great day despite the rainy and bitter weather. (By Bethany, Hayley, Lola and Isobel) 



Some of our Year 6 pupils have remained in school and today have taken on a couple of cooking challenges. Their first challenge was to cook their own dinner - Thai green curry - a recipe they'd chosen. The smells coming from the Year 6 area were delicious and the curries, when they were finished, looked and tasted scrumptious! The second challenge was The Great Y6 Cookie Bake-Off! The final product - delicious cookies - were judged, in true Bake Off style, and the winning biscuits were crispy on the outside, soft in the middle with a lovely oaty taste! There are photos below, which we'll add to as the week goes on. We wonder what challenges tomorrow will hold!