Y6 Movies


As part of our ‘Light and Dark’ topic in Year 6, we have been writing stories based on fragments of a letter we found on the beach during our trip to Calshot. We worked in small groups to produce a sensational story and then, during our art week, created illustrations using a variety of different techniques. Finally, we used our incredible ICT skills to put everything together into a marvellous movie. Have fun watching them, we hope you don’t get too spooked! 

They Are Coming by Taylor, Taya and Chloe 

The Whisperers by Kelsey, Phoebe and Bailey 

The Unforgotten Day by Beth, Fraser and Kaitlyn

The Unfinished Adventure by George and Leiko 

The Two Friends by Izzy, Olivia and Tyler 

The Nameless Beast by Ben, Kacie and Sophia 

The Mysterious Island by Keela, Lucas and Tom

The Mysterious Cave by Chloe and Georgia

The Monster of the Cave by Martin, Freddie and Keira 

The Monster Massacre by Corey, Isaac and Binay 

The Legend of Thalnok by Freddy, Megan and Harrison 

The Island Wanderer by Archie 

The Hive by Harry, Kyle and Chloe 

The Cave by Amelia and Daisy 

The Figure on the Island by William, Jess and Xander 

The Figure by Baylee, Peter and Lewis 

The Dark Tunnel by Tala, Shannon and Callum 

 The Creature by Lorence, Alyssia and Calum 

The Cave of Forgotten Terror by Kiah-Leigh, Vinnie and Izzy 

The Boy Who Ran Away by Georgie, Kiera and Sam 

The Box by Poppy, Poppy and Asim 

The Beast in the Cave by Harrison, Kiera and Joe

Nightmare by Cole, Dylan and Caitlin 

Light Versus Dark by Sophie, Sam and Kaisha

Insanity of Mind by Adrian, Kayla and Emily 

Hidden Souls by Milly, Izzy and Fin 

Hell or Heaven? By Eva, Lucy and Elijah 

Falling Darkness by Paul, Tyler and Katlyn 

Dragon Hearted by Lucas, Shay and Catalina 

Creature of the Coast by Reuben, Neve and Jess

Blood Dripper by Kiva and Lily-May