Year 6 Mexican Theme Day


Recently Year 6 has a Mexican  day to teach us about Mexican life, beliefs and culture. It was a fabulous day and we saw some spectacular costumes and face painting. In Miss Morrison's class we painted some pictures of skeletons from the Mexican day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, The pictures needed to be as detailed as possible and as colourful as we could make them. It was quite hard but we could be as imaginative as we liked!

With Mrs Christy we did some salsa dancing to the music of Coco, an animated film all about Dia de los Muertos. The dancing consisted of four groups of eight counts for one dancing move. It was very enjoyable and there were lots of giggles!

In Mr Keeble's classroom we played some games that Mexican children would have played when they were growing up. Some of the games needed really good listening skills and lots of luck! We had a wonderful time playing the games.

Year 6 had a splendid day and I would like to thank all of the teachers for organising such a delightful day.

By Charlotte Easton (Year 6)