Planting Trees


This week, four Portway pupils went to Harmony Woods to plant the evergreen oak. This tree was chosen as Portway’s favourite tree from our recent vote.

Once we got there we met different schools and the Mayor of Test Valley was there too! When we went into the sports pavilion, Mr Baxter showed the video of us doing all the tree planting over the years – it was a lot of trees!

Everyone also watched our video explaining about how we chose the evergreen oak – this was the last video and we think they saved the best till last! (You can see our video on our website)

Trees are very important to the environment because they provide us with oxygen and they take away carbon dioxide which is poisonous to humans. We can also get other resources from trees such as wood, paper and rubber so to replant trees is very good for the environment! We had a good day.

Thanks to Mrs Davis for the opportunity and a big thank you to Mrs Walker for taking us and enjoying the moments with us. Below are some photos of our day, as well as a little bit of extra information about Andover Trees United and the video we made - enjoy! 

Keira Hunter, Lily Cook, Megan Nikolic and Hilary Hurcomb.



Andover Tree Awards

Andover Trees United is a community partnership of 25 local schools, youth groups, volunteers and businesses working with specialist environmental organisations. Their aim is to involve every young person in our community in planting 10,000 trees in and around Andover over the coming decade.

Portway is proud to be involved with this project and recently has helped to make a film about the evergreen oak - the tree that has been voted the town's favourite. We are very proud of Hilary and Megan for their contribution to this and pleased to be able to share the link below: 

Portway and the trees