Y4 at Hooke Court Day 1!



We've had a busy time since dinner! We have spent time learning about the life of the Roman soldiers in the army; we've been to Roman Boot Camp! We had to move 'hot rocks', run a relay carrying heavy sacks, aim leather balls at a target and move logs as quickly as we can! We also learnt about the many different pieces of armour a Roman Soldier wears and managed to impress the Hooke Court staff with our knowledge of that era. We are now in pyjamas and are chilling out with a DVD before we think about heading to bed ready for the challenge of the new day! We will upload photos when we can but for now, rest assured that we are all okay!  We are going to aim to do some group photos tomorrow but the forecast is very wet. We'll do our best but please bear with us. 


Hi all. It’s been a busy afternoon. We made our beds, had lunch and got cracking on some team building activities really quickly. We have rolled ammonites down guttering pipes, got everyone to one side of a ‘river’ using only plastic mats and arranged ourselves in date of birth order on a plank of wood without speaking! We’ve worked with Helen and Emma from Hooke Court and have had a great afternoon. It’s windy but it has stopped raining! There will be some pics soon. The WiFi isn’t as strong here as at school so they may take a while to upload. Please be patient with us, we will get there! We are all okay though and having a fabulous time.