Y4 at Hooke Court Day Two!



We are fast asleep and snoring gently - we're pretty tired after a very busy day! We've had a great day which finished with a spot of stargazing whilst we worked out which teacher had the keys to the house! Our pyjama parade was good fun and a good way to finish what has been a busy day. Hopefully we'll have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow! 


Hello! We're just back from a delicious (& noisy!) roast dinner, which was very welcome after a chilly day. We're just chilling in rooms now until we need to get ready for our evening activities. 

Today we have practised writing our names in Latin in a Roman longhouse, made jewellery and done some weaving in a Celtic roundhouse. We've been drilled in marching like Roman soldiers and had put our shields up in a Roman tortoise tested formation to protect ourselves from the tennis balls being thrown at us by our teachers! We've cooked and feasted on the Roman foods we made. Hopefully there are photos uploading even as we speak! They'll be available at the bottom of the page. 

Tonight we're off for our evening activities - which we sincerely hope will be just as wearing as last night's were! And then we'll have our pyjama parade before we head off to bed - our teachers are especially looking forward to that! 

Tomorrow we have to be up a little bit earlier so we can pack our suitcases and clear our rooms before going off to build aqueducts and onegards (or catapults - goody!). We think that, from looking at the state of our rooms we might need to be up very early!  

Anyway we'll try and update you later. We're off to layer up before we head out into the chilly night! 


Afternoon already - feels like it should be much later than that! Having said that, the morning has sped by and we've made and cooked Roman bread, pottage, date puddings and sausages - all from scratch! (Except the dates!) We were even brave enough to try the food we'd cooked ourselves too! 

We've since had lunch - a modern-day lunch - and have now trooped off to learn about marching correctly the Roman way and some other key facts about Roman way of life. We're sure there'll  be some photos soon. Everyone is in good spirits - children too! We think there'll be a lot to talk about when we come home tomorrow! 

See you later. 



Hello! We have wifi and hope to be able to share a few photos with you in this article. As before, they take a while to upload here, so please bear with us. 

The morning started well. We enjoyed breakfast and then came back to change into our Roman costumes for our day's activities. There was only one who seemed confused and asked why a swimming costume was needed as she hadn't brought hers! It took a minute to work out she'd misheard 'Roman costume' and we were all a bit tired! Still, it made us giggle at the thought of all of us being in Roman gear and one being in a bikini - it's a bit chilly here for that! 

The day has started really well. We're working in two big groups - one in the Roman longhouse, learning about the Latin language and practising writing in Latin with a stylus and parchment. We've swapped your children for Roman children with names such as Josephina Maxima and Morganus Minimus! We've also just begun some clay work so we're looking forward to being able to share some photos showing that. 

The other half of the group are doing some Roman cooking - it seems quite different! They're learning about the different ingredients that Romans used in their time and hopefully, there might be an opportunity to taste our efforts later!

As the day goes on, the two groups will swap so that, by the end of the afternoon, we will all have completed the same tasks. Later this evening, some of us will compete in the Roman sports activities that were so effective in wearing us out last night, whilst the rest of us have a chance to make our mosaics from the glass tiles. 

We say it every year, but we really are impressed by the way the children are throwing themselves into the challenge and adventure of being away from home. There are lots of opportunities to help each other; from understanding when someone is  feeling a bit wobbly about being away from home and it's getting dark, to helping plait hair and to find lost property in some of these (explosively untidy!) bedrooms! And of course, there's always someone to help with spelling, reading and writing in Latin! 

The staff here are working hard too - they're a great bunch (we say that every year as well!). These events always are very hard work but so rewarding and (dare I say it!) enjoyable when it all gets going because everyone, adults and children, get stuck in with real enthusiasm and energy and that makes it a great experience for all of us.

Anyway, off to sort out some break time drinks now before the Roman adventure continues! We'll be back soon but will try to leave our photos uploading so do keep refreshing the page and hoping that the wifi stays with us! 

Thursday Morning Update - Day 2


Hello everyone. We are sorry to say the internet is down for the whole of Hooke village & they're trying to sort out the problem. There is also no 3 or 4G signal here either which means that we currently can't upload any more updates or photos on the website (Mr Deery's writing this one!) or on our social media until it's fixed. We're all in really good shape though - even the staff! 


Morning all! We hope you slept well because we did ok! After all the sweetie eating it was fairly quiet till 6ish - just a couple of early morning activities that  needed quieting down! We're off to breakfast now & will update when we can. Just so you know, we are struggling with the wifi here so please bear with us