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We are all enjoying being space scientists today and have visited the Odyssey Space Dome! More detail will be coming later but a few of our Y4 pupils gave us a quick interview when they came out from the dome. Click the link below to see it.

Odyssey experience

During our time in the space dome we saw how planet Earth looked from space. We visited the International Space Station and saw how astronauts like Tim Peake, lived there. We then took a trip to the moon and saw how it would have been for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when they landed there - they would've had a fantastic view of planet Earth! After this we then went further into the solar system and learnt about all the planets and their orbits; we learnt that Mars, the red planet, is red because its earth turned rusty rather than it being a hot planet. Inside the dome it was really dark so we were also able to see the stars and constellations. We were able to pick out the Big Dipper, the Little Bear, Taurus and Orion - there are so many stars! It was a brilliant experience to have for our final day of Science Week. 

As our week of spectacular Science is now over, we would like to share our learning and there are a few videos below.




Today, the Science Squad have been catching up on the geneticists in Year 5. Today, they melted the frozen hands and extracted the DNA, this helped them find out that the DNA was, in fact, extra-terrestrial.  Year 5 later found out that the DNA had come from the Planet Uranus. They also received a message from NASA asking them to give them the separated DNA from the frozen hands, they promised to give them golden coins in return.

In Year 3, they were uncovering facts about the human skeleton and the human muscles. They even discovered the gory fact that if you didn’t have a skeleton you would be as useless as jelly.

Finally, in 4EP they helped James and the Giant Peach get their electricity back but since he didn’t have any switches, they tried to help him so he could get a good night’s sleep.


-Science Squad Out




Today, the Science Squad have been exploring the deepest darkest corners of Year 6; where they were discovering vital information about dog cross-breeding. We were told about the legendary Bullmation, the unusual Labradoodle, and the extraordinary Puggle.

In Year 4, they were learning about the powers of electricity and what insulators and conductors are. They conducted several experiments to test the conductivity of different varieties of materials and objects - including lemons!

In the hall, Year 3 had been creating paper skeletons and labelling these so that they could learn about the different bones in our bodies for themselves, additionally we learnt about the importance of different body parts and muscles. (Did you know that it would be hard to live without your big toe?)

We also learnt that it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile! 

We are adding photos to the album below so please have a look. 


-Science Squad Out



Today, the Science Squad have been exploring several laboratories in Year 3. We discovered about the fantastic bones and muscles that make us who we are. Firstly, we entered 3AW and met the famous Stan the Skeleton! This skeleton was assisting the pupils with their learning about relaxing and contracting muscles and we, additionally, learnt some facts about the different varieties of skeletons. In 3MS, we had discovered that the human body has a bone-cracking number of 650 bones (that was very humerus wasn’t it?). We also learnt that the smallest bone in the ear is called the stirrup. A visitor was speaking with pupils in 3TR and had been in each laboratory throughout the afternoon. Mr Sean Anderson is a fitness instructor with the army and has been sharing with Year 3 his skills and expertise about healthy living and staying fit. 

More updates from the anonymous (!) Science Squad tomorrow! 


- The Science Squad



Science Week kicked off to a great start with a whole school assembly with Grover from Sesame Street. We watched his video and discussed the success of his experiments so if you fancy trying any at home the following links will help. 

Science with Grover video 

Science at home ideas 

As of the 17th of October 2016, Science Week has begun. The Science Squad, which consists of Adrian Graham, Freddy Goddard and William Gilbank - representatives of Year 6 - have been engaging in classes so as to find out  what has been happening around the school.  Year 4 have been trying to assist James Henry Trotter so that they can find out why his electricity has run out. In Year 5, they were attempting to preserve a frozen hand by concealing it in a number of varying materials with different properties. Year 6, on the (non-frozen) other hand, have been learning about genetics, Charles Darwin, and the theory of evolution (mainly in birds).    (Did you like our pun?!) 

The Science Squad will check back in with tomorrow's update! 

The Frozen Hand in Year 5