Summer Reading 2015!


It’s Official: Portway Pupils Are Reading Stars!

We were delighted to get an email this week from the Andover Library manager to let us know that in the Summer Reading scheme Portway Junior had more pupils complete the challenge than any other school in the area. Of course we have more pupils here than most primary schools but we still come top when school size is taken into account. Well done to all of our pupils who completed it – we are very proud of you!  

As we all know, reading is the key to unlocking any child's future potential and children who read well by age 11 do better at school, get better exam results and do better in the workplace - they're also best placed to give their own children the best start in life. Here at Portway reading has always been very important and our reading results are classed as being ‘significantly above’ the national average, which is very encouraging. But we don’t rest on our laurels and continue to put reading at the heart of all we do. We were delighted to see the national ‘Read On, Get On’ campaign continues this year. One of the core elements of the campaign is the ’10 Minute Challenge’ as just ten minutes a day of parents reading with children can make a vital difference. It helps children fall in love with books and reading and the website has lots of top tips that can help – have a look at the link below. I have two boys myself who are now nearly 19 and 22 but I always read with them every day through their time at primary school. I know it is difficult to find time these days but it really does make a huge difference and I would urge all parents to try and find the time to read with their children. Actually just the fact of spending quality time together when reading or sharing a book helps the parent/child bond and children love to know you are interested in them and want to spend time with them. The primary years slip by very quickly indeed (I don’t know where they went with my boys!) but those times reading with them will stay with them forever.

At Portway our ‘Golden Ticket’ scheme continues this year and all pupils who read at least four times a week at home, and get it signed in their diary, are entered into the draw to choose a book from the Golden Suitcase. The aim is to get 100% of Portway pupils getting a golden ticket every week!