Parent Questionnaire


Portway Parent Questionnaire Results 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the parent questionnaire at the parent consultations. To get 259 responses was really encouraging. Below are the collated results for each of the questions. As we said on the original form where a question was left blank or don’t know was ticked these were not included in the overall percentage figures. We have rounded the agree/strongly agree to the nearest 1% but the disagree/strongly disagree are the actual figures. This does mean that the results don’t always add to exactly 100%.

We have also been collating the written comments and we have already acted on some of them. For example we have changed the way that breakfast club are dismissed before school. We will update everyone on further actions via the newsletter. The trial of the new online booking system for parent consultations was popular with the majority of parents so we will be looking at repeating this for the mid-year appointments.

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 Parent Questionnaire Results (Nov 2018)