Parents vs. Children Challenge!


"Another fabulous Portway event ..."  and "A brilliant evening - a draw this time for us! Thanks to all the staff for putting on such a great evening! So much fun!" and "Amazing fun evening, even though I lost to 3 children!" are just a few of the comments about our fourth Parents vs. Children Challenge Evening!  

There were nearly 100 families represented at school, competing against each other in a range of activities and the corridors echoed with laughter and competitive fighting spirit as everyone took on a new challenge! 

This time our challenges followed a science theme - as this year is Portway's Year of Science - and children and adults competed against each other to build electricity circuits, place the organ in the human body, match up crossbreeds of dogs as well as lots of other activities, including (of course!) the challenge of eating doughnuts without using hands! 

The evening kicked off with a presentation from Mr Ireland and Miss Freemantle about how developing resilience, perseverance, collaboration and empathy help us to be better learners - whether we are adults or children! There was a leaflet given to each family sharing the Portway Growth Mindset beliefs and, if you haven't seen a copy you can click the link below. 

Growth Mindset at Portway 

The following short video clip is also a good reminder about why encouraging each other to persevere with challenges is important. 

Praise and Mindsets 

We were also joined tonight by Digital Champions - Callum, Sophie and Rob - from the Lloyds Banking Group. They are supporting us with our digital learning and were able to share details of our digital safety parents workshop on June 7th at 2:15pm or 6:00pm. Details of this can be found on the links below - we hope that many of you will come! 

Digital Safety parents workshop 

There are a few photos of our fun-filled evening below so please enjoy browsing them. We hope that, if you haven't been able to join us for a Challenge Evening yet, you will be able to soon. They really are lots of fun!