Parents vs. Children Challenge Evening!


Parents vs. Children Challenge Evening!

Last night was our first ever Children vs. Parents Challenge Evening at Portway. The mind-bending, brain-busting head-scratching activities and challenges on offer were designed to pit parent against child and prove once and for all who is the smartest!

Just over 200 children and parents came to prove their mettle and completed a wide range of challenges. Everything from eating doughnuts without using hands to building card houses, playing cup ping-pong to flipping beer mats, hula hooping and playing pick-up sticks, tiddlywinks, shove ha’penny and penalty shootout, moving smarties with chopsticks, completing a times tables challenge and using our brand new buzz wire without making it buzz! There were plenty of opportunities to practise perseverance and lots of resilience was needed to keep going in order to achieve and prove who really was the smartest!

There was a lot of laughter, plenty of smiles and the competitiveness between families was great to see! Some reviews of the evening are:

“I haven’t laughed so much in ages! What a good evening!”

“Thanks Portway for yet another fabulously well organised event. So much fun had by all! Please do another one!”

“Thank you so much for tonight’s family entertainment. We loved every minute of it! Parents Rule!”

“Thanks for tonight Portway Juniors, we all had a great time! Smiles all around … can’t wait for the next one!”

“Hear hear! We couldn’t agree more – we had a great time and a draw for Team Clash!”

And, at the very end of the evening …

“Can we go round again?! Please?!”

There were also plenty of photos taken during the evening and can be seen by clicking the image below. From the success of this Challenge Evening we are already planning our second! If you weren’t able to attend this one then make sure you’re free for the next!

A big thank you to everyone who attended for making it such a success, as well as to all the staff for making the evening possible. Special thanks must go to Matt Thomas (dad to Sophie) for building us a buzz wire and to Burbidges Bakery for all the delicious ring doughnuts that were such a hit!

Congratulations to our two raffle winners - the Anderson family who won a bottle of prosecco and the Parrott family who won a voucher for a free session with Fair Play Arts!

#ProudtobePortway! #Don'tStopUntilYou'reProud! 

Parent vs. Children Challenge Evening