Parents vs. Children Challenge Evening 2!


Recently we held the  second Parents vs. Children Challenge Evening and there was just as much laughter as the first! 

We welcomed even more families to school to pit themselves against each other to find out whether the children or the parents were the smartest! This time there were basketball challenges, as well as a grammar quiz. There was also the After Eight challenge, requiring you to wiggle an After Eight mint from forehead to mouth, only using your facial muscles! There was a skipping challenge, the smarties & chopsticks challenge and, of course, eating doughnuts without using your hands! 

This time we began with a short presentation from some staff about how we have been working hard in school to develop a 'growth mindset'. This is a belief that we can practise and work hard to learn new things and develop new skills. We learnt that we can strengthen the synapses in our brains to help us create new pathways to new skills, improving our brain power and helping us to be resilient, persistent and courageous in our learning. If you missed the video we watched to help us learn about this then click the link below: 

A study on praise and mindsets 

The science behind the research (as presented by Mr Keeble on the night)

Some reviews of our second challenge evening, as well as the obligatory photos, are below! 

"Fun evening had by us at the children vs. adult challenge, especially when I ended up eating my doughnut off the floor! The lengths you go to, to beat your child ... Thank you to all the staff for a great evening."

"Great evening at Portway Juniors Parents vs. Children!"

"Another fab evening hosted at Portway Juniors!"