Year 4 - Romanus a die!



Our Roman day began with a parade of everyone in their Roman costumes and we sang the ‘Marching’ – a Roman song we have been learning. Lots of parents were  there and it was an exciting way to begin the day. There were other activities as well, one was building mosaics – we used foam for ours but the Romans used stone. Another activity was learning Latin and we even got to join in with a Latin sing-a-long version of ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen! We learnt that’Mater’ is Latin for ‘Mum’ and ‘Pater’ is Latin for dad. We tasted Roman food too – pitta bread, dates and honey – some of us didn’t like the dates but bread and honey was delicious! Our third activity was puppet making with a lion and a Roman soldier; Romans had amphitheatres where lots of drama took place. Our last activity was writing. We also learnt that on 26th December all Roman slaves got to swap places with their masters – we think this would’ve made the slaves happy and sad; excited because they got to be in charge but sad because it was only for one day! It was a brilliant day - you can see some photos below.

Gratias tibi ago (or thank you!) to our teachers for organising such a fun day!       

Susie Keen & Ollie Pratt.