2017 Hooke Court Residential Day One



Tonight, after a delicious dinner, some of us met a real Roman soldier! We enjoyed a delicious meal of lasagna, followed with apple crumble and everyone did really well at eating and trying some new foods. Mr Stafford enjoyed his meal so much that he ate Mrs Staff's pudding too! Oops! 

Some of us are now making Roman mosaic floors and others are busy meeting a 'real' Roman soldier for some physical activity! We'll let you know how we get on a bit later.  For now though, all is good and we are really very impressive with our knowledge of the Roman period! (The other thing that is impressive is that Miss Freemantle has done way more than 10,000 steps today and has been 'on the go' for more than 12 hours! I think that her targets will only get more impressive the longer we are here!!!) We'll collect some photos as we go further into our evening activities and we'll add them below. 

Back later! 


It's brilliantly sunny here and only a little bit chilly. Our first activities have been about building good teams; this actually began with helping each other up the stairs with our suitcases and then making our beds! After working together and a few demonstrations from staff, everyone has a cosy bed to sleep in tonight! Team building is something we work on at school and we have impressed the staff here with what we know about collaborating and resilience. These have all been skills that we've needed in order to be a successful team. We've had to arrange ourselves in alphabetical order without stepping off a plank of wood and then reorganise ourselves into a birth date order without stepping off the plank AND without talking! Others have been using hoops and getting the whole team to wriggle through, one after the other, without breaking the link of hands and using parts of a guttering tube to roll a tennis ball into the bucket. All of these activities, completed with the Hooke Court staff, have been brilliant at getting us to work together and support each other - skills that will be good for us to practise in the next few days together. We have a packed few days here but we will do our best to update the website with the things that we get up to.