2017 Y4 at Hooke Court Day Two!



We are finishing the day with a story - time to relax after a busy day. We'll be up a little earlier tomorrow so that we can strip our beds and pack everything before we head off to our final activities. 

Hoping for a good night's sleep! We'll try to upload some pics of tomorrow too. See you all soon. 


Hello! We're just back from a delicious (& noisy!) roast dinner, which was very welcome after a chilly day. (Miss Windross was so tired she put gravy on her chocolate pudding, instead of custard, so that made the taste rather interesting! And Mrs Pitman has been so tired, her t-shirts have been inside out all day LOL!) We're just chilling in rooms now until we need to get ready for our evening activities. Today we have practised writing our names in Latin, made jewellery and done some weaving in a Roman longhouse. We've cooked and feasted on the Roman foods we made. Hopefully there are photos at the bottom of the page. Tonight we're off for our evening activities - which we sincerely hope will be just as wearing as last night's were! And then we'll read a few stories and head off to bed. Tomorrow we have to be up a little bit earlier so we can pack our suitcases and clear our rooms before going off to build aqueducts and onegards (or catapults - goody!). We think that, from looking at the state of our rooms we might need to be up very early!


It's still the morning! ;-) 

Our morning continues with a swap of activities. Those of us who cooked so well earlier are now in training to be Roman soldiers and vice versa. The training activities involve learning to march and chant battle cries, using our scutum (shield!) properly and working together to form a tortoise or testudo to protect ourselves from the barbarians (teachers!) who were attacking our formation with tennis balls! We also built Roman archways and stood on them to check they held our weight. There are some photos gradually being added to our album below, so keep refreshing your page and checking in!

Late morning 

We are currently in a Viking longhouse learning about cookery skills and food of the time. So far we have learnt that the Romans enjoyed eating peacock brains and milk-fattened snails! We're not sure we're up for eating a traditional Roman menu! We are continuing to impress the Hooke Court staff here with our extensive knowledge of the Roman period, which is really nice to see. We've learnt that the Romans also introduced nettles, grapes, apples, plums, dates and apricots to Britain and brought the dates and apricots dried! They also brought onions, leeks, cabbage and carrots to Roman England - although in the beginning the carrots were purple! We have also learnt that the Romans helped us to make our food more interestingly tasty and brought garlic, cinnamon and pepper - although this was really expensive! We're looking forward to trying some of these ingredients in our cooking activities today!

We hope you like our early morning photos, it was a bit chilly and we're all a bit tired today but everyone is doing brilliantly well! We'll try to update you a bit more later.

 Early morning update  

Yesterday evening, we learnt about life in the Roman army. Did you know that, during the Roman times, soldiers signed up to a 25 year term?! The soldiers weren't allowed to marry during this time and were formidably trained, which made them highly effective and much better than the Celts. We learnt that, because of the highly organised training, the Roman army was one of the first 'professional' armies. We practised being Roman soldiers and had lots of activities to help with this. We rolled ammonite balls into buckets, ran circuits whilst carrying sacks, practised our aim at a target and loaded Roman 'bricks'. The other half of the group made Roman mosaics using glass tiles and glue. Once we'd mastered the art of mosaic making, we did a very good job and we're pretty proud of our efforts!

The night passed and we are all up bright and chirpy this morning, getting ready for our first full Roman day here. We are having a few technical issues with wifi and uploading pictures (and we are quite busy!) so please bear with us for updates.