Y4 at Hooke Court Day Two!



Ssshhhh ... it's all quiet here and we can hear the owls hooting in the nearby trees. It's been a busy and very tiring day and everyone has been brilliant. There have been lots of new experiences, from getting stuck into the activities, to being away from home, to having a shower or trying some new food. All great experiences. We've had a go at packing and, whilst we can guarantee the right child back, we're not sure that they will have exactly the right stuff in their bags! It will all come home though. 


Our day has flown by and we have enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by our favourite pudding of chocolate cake with chocolate custard; it was a big hit! We've woven fabric and made bracelets or rings and have had a lovely evening. We're going to attempt to pack our bags tonight and hopefully have an earlier bedtime! Here's hoping! Photos are updating below. 


The time has flown! We've had a great afternoon, writing our names in Latin, making clay lamps and cooking homemade Roman sausages over a fire! The weather surprised us somewhat and a stormy night turned into a reasonably dry day with even some patches of blue sky! And then a surprising downpour which caught some of us out! We have been uploading some photos as we have gone along and we hope you have enjoyed seeing some of what we have been up to! It certainly has been an action packed couple of days - in more way than one! 

Anyway, we are off for dinner soon and then an evening of jewellery making and weaving. Along with those mosaics, there might be a few homemade Christmas presents around this year! As always we have been impressed with the children's independence and resilience. They have tried new things, supported each other well and learned a little bit more about themselves in the process. We're proud of them. 

Still the morning! (We're sure it feels more like an afternoon!) 

Well, the strong winds seem to have blown the rain clouds away for now and we are actually enjoying some sunshine! Some of us have made mosaics and some of us have been cooking in the longhouse. We've just had a break (which felt like it should be lunchtime!) and now have swapped so that we can all do each activity. We have uploaded some photos, including some of the day groups we are working in. We are working to get each group uploaded  but are mindful of not taking children away from the activities they are enjoying so much so please be patient, we will upload one of every group as  soon as we can! 

Soon it'll be lunchtime (which will feel like it should be dinner!) and then we'll be onto our Roman battle and arch building. It's proving to be a good day and the children are impressing the Hooke Court staff here with their knowledge of the Romans, as well as their good listening skills and the way in which they apply themselves to their tasks. 

Anyway, off to join in the fun. We will check back in soon! 

A bit later ..

Breakfast was a busy affair and we all enjoyed a selection of cereals, followed by either baked beans on toast or toast and jam. We then took advantage of the dry-ish weather to take a year group photo whilst we could - we took a staff one as well! 

Throughout today we will practise our Latin, make clay Roman lamps, create mosaics, experience a Roman battle and build Roman arches. Fortunately all of these activities will happen in the Viking Longhouse, the Celtic Roundhouse or the old house which means we are indoors for this stormy day. It's a bit different to our original plans but we are all in good spirits and looking forward to the day. 

We'll be back later! 


Wow - it's stormy out there!  We're off for breakfast soon and then to spend a day as a Roman soldier - we'll be 'on the go' all day and will hopefully sleep well tonight! They've moved some of our activities around as the weather is windy so today will be a surprise for us all! We'll update you when we can. Off to rouse the troops!!