Year 4's Roald Dahl Day


The Year 4 topic all about Roald Dahl is off to a whizpopping start! Here is a report from two of our pupils:

Recently year 4 had a fun-filled ‘Dahlicious Dress Up Day’! It was brilliant and everyone had lots of fun. As usual it wasn’t just the dressing-up that made it excellent but we also had the chance to try some great activities.

The whole day was a success filled with lots of gloriumptious activities such as creating our own BFG dream jars, making puppets based on The Enormous Crocodile and designing Willy Wonka chocolate bars.  

We had a brilliant day and the costumes by everyone were amazing. Thank you to our teachers for arranging the day. We now REALLY love Roald Dahl in Year 4!


Here are some photographs of the day - the costumes were amazing!