The Magnificent Seven!


The Magnificent Seven have remained at school this week and have engaged in a wide variety of activities.  These have included: a magical mystery tour to Lepe and Keyhaven, looking for coastal features using Mr Ireland’s expertise. Cooking lasagne for lunch and making ice cream to learn about reactions in science. There has also been an adventure day at Charlton for a range of challenging  activities and today is art day. It's been a full on week for them and they have risen to every challenge set before them! They are a fine bunch of Year 6 pupils and we are very proud of them!

Below are a few photos of their week - some of the coastal shots were taken by the Magnificent Seven on our Hudls. We'll let you work out which ones they are! 

The Magnificent Seven visit the coast with Mr Ireland!

Yesterday we went on the best trip in the world with Mr Ireland and Mrs Smallbones – it was a mystery tour and we didn’t know where we were going until Mr I told us just before we left (he couldn’t wait to tell us)! First we went to Lepe where we were 2.2 miles from the other Year 6s at Calshot. On the beach as well as seeing the Isle of Wight, we spotted a mystical bird that had a red tummy and looked like a coot. Whilst we were exploring,  Mr Ireland told us two tragic stories and explained the natural history of the beach and its geographical features. Nicholas was very excited to enjoy his first hot chocolate! When we arrived at Keyhaven, we ate our lunch in the minibus. We looked at the mud flats – we could have sunk beneath the surface if we had walked on them -  and we walked onto the spit although it was so foggy we couldn’t see The Needles! Before we left, we had a stone throwing competition which Mr Ireland won. Thank you to Mrs Smallbones for her help and to Mr Ireland for taking us. We had a magnificent day!

Kira, Izzy, George, Nicci, Lily-May, Mya and Viniana