Y6 Dia de Muertos


Our day began with a year group photo of everyone in their fabulous Mexican themed costumes. We were learning about the Americas and we were celebrating the Dia de Muertos – or the Day of the Dead.

We did four activities which were cooking, Mexican themed games, Sugar Skulls and Mexican dancing. We baked cookies with raisins as these are a traditional Mexican food which is left out for the spirits who return if you leave good things out for them. Mexicans see death as also joyful because they believe the spirits come back to visit them; this is what the sugar skulls represented as they’re all brightly colours to symbolise happiness. We learnt Flamenco dancing as this is part of the parade that happens in Mexico City.

We liked to learn this through a dress up day because it felt like you were really there and really part of the experience. Thanks to all the Y6 teachers for planning such a great day for us. 

There are some photos below of everything we got up to! 

Sophia Powell and Taylor Wilding