Y6 Homework 2018


Mr Hession's Maths Homework due 03/05/18


Click the links below to access your Easter homework. 

There are three pieces to hand in the first week back; the SPaG revision, maths reasoning & maths arithmetic. You should spend no longer than one hour each week on your homework - your usual homework time. 

(The timings to help you spend the right amount of time on homework are as follows: Maths Arithmetic- 30 mins. Maths Reasoning - 40 mins. SPaG - 45 mins)

If you're in Mrs Cutler's or Mrs Hall-Cooper/Mrs Norton's maths group, you've already been given your homework & these links are back ups in case you have lost anything. 

The other links are to help you out if you decide to have a look. 

SPaG Revision All

Websites - MathAntics and Times Tables Just for your information! 

Maths Arithmetic Paper 7 Mr H, Mr K & Miss W's groups only 

Maths Reasoning Paper Test 2a  Mr H, Mr K & Miss W's groups only

Mrs Cutler's Maths group Mrs C & Miss L's maths groups  

Mrs H-C & Mrs N's maths group