Year 6 at the University of Winchester


On Thursday 5th January we went to the University of Winchester. When we arrived, we were taken into the lecture room where we were greeted and told what we were going to do. After that, we went into our groups with our booklets and went to the John Stripe theatre and were supplied with fruit and water. Next, we went to the library which covered 3 floors and had 300,000 books in! One group visited the halls of residence which was in blocks and is where some of the students slept. Students at the university could stay where they wanted: they could sleep in a flat near the university, stay at their parents or sleep in a Halls of Residence. Meanwhile two other groups visited the sports hall to play sitting volleyball.

After all that we went to the news room where you could be on the screen to tell the weather; one person would be the reporter and two other people would work the camera. Then it was lunchtime so we headed to the lunch hall – on the way we saw some sheep on the roof of a building! Once we’d had lunch, we went to another room where you search for the different courses you can do at different universities. We were given a crossword sheet which had the word ‘University’ on it and we had to find a course we could do. Then we headed back to the lecture room where we could start our quiz.

Afterwards, when the quiz was finished, we went outside to take a photo. Finally we all lined up ready to go home. We had a great day in Winchester and really enjoyed finding out what life at university could be like, there are some photos below. We would like to thank Winchester University for inviting us and our Y6 teachers for organising the trip.                      

Jessica Vaughan and Tala Baraheh 6KH