Our Year 6 pupils are off for their residential visit to Calshot on Monday. The links below, on this page, will allow you to see some photos and give you some updates each day about what everyone is getting up to. 

Day One Calshot 2024

We've had a great first day at Calshot and have enjoyed lots of fun activities already. The sun has been shining, which was great for the groups who have been doing the Beach Bonanza activity. Others have enjoyed skiing and climbing and many more. 

We've all enjoyed setting up our bedrooms and have eaten well this evening. The children are currently enjoying their evening activities before getting ready for bed. Lots of sleepy children already! 

Day 1

Calshot Day 2

We've really enjoyed our first full day at Calshot today. We've been skiing, climbing and on the giant swing! Some of us have had a go at the crate stacking challenging and others have had their turn at the beach bonanza. I think a favourite of most of the children (and staff!) has been the ringos! The weather has been blowy and a bit rainy, but it hasn't dampened our spirts - Team Year 6 are having a great time! 

Day 2

Day three!

It has been a beautiful sunny day here on the coast at Calshot. The children have really been growing in confidence with each activity and they are all developing their resilience skills when trying new things. We have seen huge progress with skiing skills and lots have tried more challenging routes up the climbing wall. The velodrome has been a new challenge, but it has been great to see the children building on the Bikeability learning from September. We have had a delicious roast dinner tonight as one of our choices and the quiz night is well under way. 


Day 3

Day Four Calshot 2024

Today has been fantastic! The children have all worked really well together in their teams on their epic engineering challenge as well as the crate stacking and peg pole. It's been really lovely to see their teamwork, leadership and communication skills developing day by day. The children have been telling the Calshot instructors about our school values: Ready, Respectful, Safe and out Pride values too. They have certainly shown positivity, resilience, integrity, dedication and loads of encouragement while they have been here - well done year 6! 

In the morning (after the mammoth task of packing) we will enjoy our final 2 activities and a fish Friday lunch. Then we will be on the coaches home to Portway! 


Day 4

The final day

Our final morning started with packing up our rooms and saying goodbye to the holiday houses. We then have two activities before heading home. It has been great to see how the children have progressed with their skiing skills over the week. 
Our final Calshot lunch is fish and chips and then we head back to Portway. They children have slept really well but they are very tired and very exciting to see families! Emotions are running high but it’s been a wonderful week for everyone. 
Day 5