How to support children to excel in times tables. 

Learning times tables can be a daunting task for both you and your children. Are you looking for a simple and effective solution Times Tables Rock Stars is a math program that eliminates the worry of learning times tables. It has a proven track record of improving children's fluency and recall in multiplication and division. Join thousands of schools, families, and tutors who use Times Tables Rock Stars every day to make learning fun!


What is Times Tables Rock Stars?

It is an award-winning math learning platform where children can practise their times tables like a rock star! Suitable for learners aged 6 years and up, the question-based games adapt to each child's unique learning needs, helping them recall their times tables quickly. Children can access it on any device, via the app or browser, and play anytime, anywhere.

Our engaging gamification and motivating rewards make it easy to entice children to play. Plus, there are no chat functions, in-game purchases or ads. The interface is child-friendly, and children play under anonymous Rock Names. There are many accessibility features to suit all learners, and you can declutter the screen and hide the timer to help minimize anxiety. We also have curfew restrictions to promote pupil well-being. We are GDPR and ICO Design Code compliant, as well as Cyber Essentials Plus certified.


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Choose Times Tables Rock Stars for a stress-free and fun way for your child to learn their time's tables!